Here's some of our press ...

"Ultimately a love letter to the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books and a directive to live actively and make choices" - The New York Times

"Deeply nostalgic and dazzlingly modern" - The Independent and i, feature by Alice Jones.

"An awkward, unusual, tender story about what it is to be awkward and unusual" - ★★★★ The Times 

"That rare creature, a truly lovely show" - ★★★★ Evening Standard 

Enough intrigue, excitement and decision making to keep you glued to your seat” - ★★★★ Official London Theatre

A really sweet little show that is guaranteed to leave you smiling - as long as you choose wisely” - ★★★★ Plays to see 

"In today’s convenience age, true quests are hard to come by, but Penlington has managed to weave his own epic one from the most humble of beginnings, while also making a show that really lives up to repeat watchings" - ★★★★ The Public Reviews

"It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a cult lurking in some sodden Welsh valley, drinking Tizer, eating Penguin biscuits and devoting themselves to following the path of ‘Choosing Wisely’" - a lovely review by Geekocracy blog. 

Inspiring stuff” - preview in The Cultural Expose 

When television met theatre' - an interview with Nick Watson about the process of making Choose Your Own Documentary on